Case study on Hotels

The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with over million locations worldwide. But the customer growing demand for health and taste conscious eating. While any guest arrives in any of the hotel the first concert of them in about the hygiene and food quality. Essentially cordiality includes the relationship procedure between the hotel and a visitor. It additionally includes the demonstration of being cordial, for example, visitor gathering and diversion with benevolence, goodwill and liberality. Hospitality is otherwise called the demonstration of kindheartedness giving consideration and kind-heartedness to whoever is in require. Accommodation is vital to advanced organizations, and one of the accompanying subjects could improve for a tourism exposition. The inquiry which generally got some information about the administrations are

  1. Are you comfortable with the room service?
  2. Did you like our cuisines and menu schedule for you?
  3. The cleanliness of the rooms and floor are appropriate
  4. Had you found any problem while dealing with any of the staff members.

Current trend

  • The current pattern of knowing the effect of your hotel, now are day quite recently remained for reviews over online web or offline.
  • The overview had a few key discoveries crosswise over subjects like innovation, manageability, in-room conveniences and property offerings, visitor administrations and magnanimous giving.
  • Surveys can be regulated in numerous modes, including: online studies, email reviews, web-based social networking overviews, paper studies, portable studies, phone studies, and eye to eye meet studies.


These are some present patterns took after now are the days, yet in the event that you pick or select the Emtrendz Emoji box for better and proper outcomes. How it functions
  • Our emoji boxes are easy at work
  • The question rose important to your hotel service
  • Just by a push your answer will be tallied
  • Simple and simple to go feedback accumulation programming

Its benefits/ Result

  • No other research strategy can give this wide capacity, which guarantees a more precise specimen to accumulate focused on brings about which to make determinations and settle on vital choices.
  • Improvement the supporters/explorer satisfaction every year.
  • More Visit in your hotel compared with your other rival.
  • Appropriate result will help you in upgrading your hotel and enhance the notoriety of your inn.
Emtrendz is the major player to assistance to expand its offering of healthy menu choices and enhance understanding of these changes to its guests. Your passion for improving food quality and consistency, operational efficiency, cleanliness and sustainability is unmatched.
Emtrendz is an expert in providing the solutions for all your service by helping you in getting the proper ratio of feedback which will help you know the exact problem which are faced by your customers. And our hardware programs support your business and provide unmatched visibility into your processes. Whether you are a fast casual, quick serve, specialty, independent, or institutional operation, our goal is to help you get the best out of your service and improve food quality and consistency. We know it’s a tricky business, but it is vital to get right. Our Emoji box service solutions are designed to increase the appropriate ratio of corrective feedback from your customer.
How we Emtrendz can help, as you customer are bombarded with online surveys. Surveys may be simple to complete, however some people don’t like to complete them. Sending surveys often can customer irritate the customer and lead to customer burn out. Customer burnout can lead to the lower response rates or result in lower satisfaction scores, despite your reputation for providing excellent products or services. To get release from all these setbacks Emtrendz is here to help you are,we are the world- leader in guest intelligence solutions for the hospitality industry. Our hardware emoji box based solutions enable clients to obtain a deeper understanding of reputation performance as well as your service strength and weakness. We provide the actionable insight to increase the appropriate feedback on your hospitality or services.
Emtrendz app provides you a simple way for tracking customer' reviews by just a push to our 'Emojis Box'. This process is 'easy to go' and less time taking for our customers and it doesn't hamper the precious time of our customers, the whole process is completed within seconds.
Your guest will give you feedback during their stay, and we will help to give the feedback just by a push or click. We provide a hardware and application software that gives you a complete overview of your hotel quality and your guest opinion on your services. You will get the statics for the average scope and for each of the quality separately. Also, you have static about review quality allocation and the guest engagement.


The result which you got from our Emoji box is reliable and efficient, which will definitely help you in the growth of your business and company. Emtrendz is here at the service of collecting the proper fact full and accurate feedbacks as it provides special customized hardware device which is produced uniquely for various businesses pursuant to their individual needs installed with special, simple and easy to go feedback collection software. Our friendly ‘Emojis’ make this process much simpler as it generates continuous customer feedback reports in hour, day and on a weekly basis. Emtrendz works 24*7 for satisfying this need of any organization. Emtrendz establishes its hardware machinery in crowded places which in return gives continuous feedbacks from the customers. You can administer the same surveys feedbacks so often to customers to gain continued insights into your customers. The surveys can have the same questions, which will allow you to compare data over time and benchmark survey data across previous years to determine if any changes need to be made.


If you are applying the emoji boxes for your customer feedback, then definitely your customer took an interest in giving the right answers and it gives the customer the perception that, your hotel or restaurant values them, is committed to keeping the as a long term customers and basses business decisions on their feedback. Get social with Emtrendz and find what’s happening in your hotel. Discover useful tips from your guests, make your suggestions and offer and ask your other guests what is nearby. Create a sense of community and show your hospitality by offering them to give feedback of the emoji boxes that will be definitely be a new experience for them.
These feedbacks will help your hotel or restaurant in the process of properly analyzing the areas of shortcomings and through this results the hotel owners and management will be able to take on optimum steps to overcome those problems which are faced by the customer during their stay. Dedicated to successfully managing your property, Emterndz THE NEW TREND FEEDBACK COMPANY which help you to generate or increased the revenue from their patrons. You can review some of our hospitality management case studies demonstrating how our services, improve our clients’ bottom lines. From adding significant value through revenue management strategies to redefining a hotel’s brand image, these hotel management studies offer an in-depth look at our revenue-generating solutions. Our hotel management studies examine a diverse range of clients from boutique lifestyle hotels and independent properties to upscale branded hotels.