Medical case study

Measuring the quality of health care is important because it tells how health care system is performing and leads to health care.

Quality measurement in health care facilities is the process of using the data to evaluate the performance of health care provider against recognised quality standards.

Too often the quality of care received in the developing economic is substandard there are numerous issue such as medication error, non-regulated services provision, access and outcome persist today.
Researchers consistently shows that there is chronic under overuse and miss used of services.
The feedbacks collection system of the health care services provider is not qualitative and quantitative mode.

The use of the odd technique to collect the feedbacks by filling the forms with larger in question at end of their services day. It builds the huge gap between the actual services and accurate feedbacks.

EmTrendz provide the unique platform that aim to improve the patient feedbacks mechanism for health care provider and help them to analyse the data on real time basis and design strategies to maintain their facility as a centre of excellence. We EmTrendz platform:

1. Real time analysis by 24 hrs.
2. Our data analyst gives the useful report from time to time, department wise, services wise, staff Punctuality and many more.