Case study on Banking

While writing about the banking sector, hospitality and services we first look towards these questions which are asked in some survey. The feedback which is collected by the them is not appropriate because we could not consider any feedback negative or positive till it reaches to 76% of majority. The questions which were asked-

Reason for typically visiting the bank ?

According to a survey, 74% respondent visits the branch for making deposits. 17% visits for to the inquiry about balance. 3% to withdraw cash and rest of 3% for any other reason.

If you are provided with a better service by optional bank. Would you like to move to another bank ?

When the question was asked would you like to move other bank if you are provided with better services than 64% wants to move in another bank while remaining 36% went to stay with the bank.

Are you satisfied with your financial transactions with the bank ?

According to my survey, 36% of respondent said that they are very satisfied with the financial transactions of the bank while 30% said that they are happy with its services. 24% think its services are quite satisfied while remaining 10% are not satisfied with its services.

When do you think of your bank what comes first in your mind?

When the question was asked what comes first in your mind about bank 63% said it has a wide branch network. 17% think its customer services. 13% said its personalized service and 7% think its computerized banking.


Banking is the core financial service any individual users. There are hundreds of banks in India with millions of bank accounts and a person might have no other financial product or investment, but he will always have a bank account. This is a crucial aspect. How transparent is your bank to you when it comes to charging, facilities, penalties and the offers it gives you on some services. One has to deal with bank all time, so it’s very crucial that every person has a great bank that treats its customer well. And it’s really important for the banks know how their management and employees treat their customers. Success comes only when you fully satisfy your customer with your service and hospitality. Every bank tries to fill the gap between the managements and customer by getting feedbacks from them. But did it really work, it’s not possible for every bank to collect proper feedback from an enormous customer on a daily basis.
From managing this issue just a single solution has been Emtrendz which will help you in getting an appropriate and precise feedback, through their framework which will help an association to break down its weaknesses and by one means or another recommends the approaches to beat those constraints.

Emtrendz app gives you a straightforward approach to following client's perspectives by only a push to our 'Emojis Box'. This procedure is easy to go and less time taking for your clients and it doesn't hamper the valuable time of the clients, the entire procedure is finished in seconds.
In any case, banks had effectively attempted to gather inputs from clients through different overviews. For example, it has attempted to track the reaction of the clients through Interactive calling administration. They get the centers of gripes, however, never get an approx rate. Aside from this they attempted to gather feedbacks from its site and application, however, it again turned out to be a misfortune as there were just a couple of individuals who sign in on bank site, or utilize the web based keeping money or versatile managing an account. These procedures don't render the best possible and exact inputs from its clients as we for the most part endeavor to overlook for giving the criticisms.
Emtrendz is here at the service of gathering the correct actuality full and precise criticisms as it gives customized hardware device which is created interestingly for different organizations compliant with their individual needs introduced with uncommon, basic and simple to go input accumulation programming.
Our amicable "Emojis" make this procedure significantly less complex as it creates consistent client criticism reports in an hour, day and on a week by week premise. Emtrendz works 24*7 for fulfilling this need of any association.
Our easier and friendlier Emojis make this input accumulation process fun and pleasant. Emtrendz sets up its hardware apparatus in packs spots which consequently gives persistent feedback from the clients. The working group of Emtrendz doesn't leave any stone unturned, to give exact and dependable input from the client to the association. As we comprehend the noteworthiness of inputs in this client arranged, aggressive market. The specialized group of Emtrendz works day and night to giving a legitimate kick to climb, consumer loyalty among their bank. Input given by Emtrendz is online and in legitimate arrangement which encourages the association to check the regions of its weaknesses and locate the best possible answer to the issue. The fundamental concentration of our Emoji box is to draw in the client for giving the correct criticism which will give the moment result to the client, as its input is countable and has more noteworthy significance.

How you will get the outcome

If we talk about the banking sector, we do not go through the surveys for their hospitality or for customer satisfaction investigation. If you have been considering the Emtrendz for your customer feedback than you definitely get appropriate result and you will be able to take an optimum step to overcome these drawbacks of the management. For example, if in input examination, the clients are not happy with the monetary exchanges with the bank, at that point the higher authority of the branch can make a move to look further to the issue and attempt to take care of the issue of transactions. In this way, this input, which is gathered through these "Emojis" will specifically help the bank to enhance its level of administration and thusly will upgrade the level of consumer loyalty. This fulfillment of the client will enhance the notoriety of the specific branch and as a matter of course, this will upgrade the benefit level of the bank. Emtrendz is simply being a thought to fill the hole between the bank expert and the clients to get the solid input and through which you can enhance the level of administration. Emtrends moto is simple to make the cheerful customers, which will help in the development of the bank.