About Us

Through our software, organizations can stop guessing what customers and employees want, and start listening to what they need. We help to improve the performance of the websites, apps, products & services offered by organization with live user feedback. TEST!

What is Emtrendz?

Emtrendz is an idea to provide the solutions to help the company to improve their customer service by getting the appropriate feedbacks from their patrons. Emtrendz is providing the hardware, emoji boxes to centrally manage the development of surveys their authoring and analysis. Emtrendz systems can track feedback from customers, market research, social media, employees, data collection, vendors, partners and audits. The Emtrendz offering rests on its Framework (Information, Insights, Ideas and Implementation) which consists of uncovering ‘hard to find’ relevant data for its clients, connecting the various data points to generate ‘meaningful and decisive’ observations through its hardware and app which are deigned for the customer feedbacks.we can also assist clients in implementing the ideas ensure that business and marketing goals are met. This has resonated extremely well with our clients.

How we work?

Our dedicated experts work with you to carefully design and implement a feedback solution that will achieve the results and goals that matter to you, whether it’s our survey content or yours. We give the best and instant results of your problem which are becoming a barrier in your company growth and result. We deliver the standard and appropriate feedbacks related to your company. Our emoji boxes are manufactured and installed in a way to provide you a simple way for tracking customer's views just by some clicks. The procedure is very easy to do and work with in some minutes and it doesn't fetter the precious time of the customers, the whole process is completed within some minutes.

Our mission

Our mission is to help companies connect with their customers. We capture their feedback through are hardware and software applications and we want to help employees respond to that feedback in real-time. Our product can be used in many industries and across many departments, the feedback results help in maintaining the customer service and on the growth of the company. We understand the significance of feedbacks in this customer-oriented, competitive market.

Our vision

It takes a team to deliver an outstanding experience to your customers. Emtrendz can meet the specific needs of teams that support your customer’s journey and connect their efforts to move your entire customer experience to a new level of performance. Our solutions reflect practices that are proven to drive results, based on years of experience with industry-leading brands. Emtrendz is an admired firm among its peers and offers deserving prospects considerable growth opportunities. Our strong team of leaders reminds us to always put our customers first. They have inspired us to be the go-to experts in our field and we are proud of their vision for the future results.

Why choose us

This is one of the biggest question why Choose Emtrendz, the reason behind choosing us is- We turn customer feedback into great companies. We capture feedback everywhere your customers are, connect it to everything else you know about them, and deliver insights and action in real-time. This allows your employees to make smarter, more informed daily decisions so you can deliver better business results. We measure experience performance and use machine learning to discover insights that allow you to improve and innovate faster. Emtrendz reveals that became a voice of the customer program is a necessity, not an option. Companies operating such programs enjoy a significant strategic advantage. Our report entitled “The Path to Building an Integrated VoC Program,” reveals the processes, practices and technologies that support customer-centric results that drive improved business outcomes. We are the most powerful digital voice of customer solution through are fast and accurate services.