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We believe, Improvements will made by analysing the constructive feedbacks. Our mission is to make the feedback collection and analysing process simple, fast and interactive.

Capture feedback just by a PUSH

Capture feedback just by a PUSH

We manufacture and install hardware specifically designed for your business.

  • Way too fast and easy for feedback collection.
  • Specifically designed hardware for your business and brand.
  • Get live updates and Reports form the responses.

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App for Tablets, iPad and SmartPhones

App for Tablets, iPad and SmartPhones

Customized App for your sales person and marketing staff.

  • Quick and Easy setup.
  • Work offline and automatic sync when connected to internet.
  • Designed to match your Brand.

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Application for Employees

Ask and get inputs from your employees to see how they feel working with you.

  • Push to ask and configurable reminders.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Easy to track responses.
  • Get live updates and react quickly on their concerns.

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Customized Hardware and Applications

Customized Hardware and Applications

Makes the feedback collection process easy and quick.

Seamless Integrations and Installations

Install devices and configuration is very easy.

Data Isolation

All the feedbacks and responses are stored on encrypted storage

Data Analysis and Reporting

Generates Reports and suggest actions to improve the satisfaction index

Online Feedback System For Student?

The online feedback system may be a web-based system which provides how for colleges to permit students to gives feedback for workers online to enhance their teaching. Students are required to offer feedback using one standard feedback form. In our project, the safety is additionally maintained by the results of feedback is merely visible to the authentic user. This project also includes a time portal. this technique helps teachers to enhance their performance by analyzing the feedback given by students. the web Feedback System is employed to manages feedback provided by students. Online Feedback System allows students to pick a specific subject and respective teacher to offer feedback about teacher and subject. A online Feedback System may be a feedback generation system which provides proper feedback to teacher provides the right feedback to the teachers about their teaching quality on basis of rating very poor, poor, average, good, very good. within the existing system students requires giving feedback manually. In existing system report generation by analyzing all feedback form is extremely time-consuming. By online feedback system, report generation is consuming very less time. In online feedback, system student gives feedback for the teacher of a specific subject for a specific period could also be at month-end. Feedback is shipped to the HOD of the actual department also as all departments’ feedback to the principal. HOD has rights as to if feedback shows to a respected teacher or not. After analyzing report HOD or principle conducts the meetings for workers.

Customer Feedback System

To deliver stellar customer experiences that make a positive impact on rock bottom line, businesses must be ready to effectively manage customer feedback. this is often why customer feedback systems and software products became essential tools for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. In difficult times, it’s even more important than ever to see in and hear the folks that matter most to your business: your customers. Let’s dive in and believe how a customer feedback system in delhi can benefit your business. Using a traditional definition, customer feedback is any information that comes directly from your company’s customers. This information convey these customers’ thoughts, feelings, satisfaction levels, or opinions about your product, service, or brand. Technology has expanded the ways during which feedback is generated, captured, and picked up . Now, customers can share their feedback using various platforms and channels, such as:

Why Your Business Needs a Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system in delhi — which lately usually takes the shape of a software package or application — helps businesses manage what customers are saying on multiple feedback platforms and channels, also as gain data-driven insights essential to improving overall customer experience. Customer feedback systems in delhi also help organizations, from the C-suite to frontline employees, understand their customers better and thus more easily measure (and improve) customer satisfaction and loyalty. What a Customer Feedback System Does

Social Media Listening and Feedback Monitoring and Response

Customers often share their feedback albeit the business hasn’t asked for it. That’s why variety of customer feedback systems make the power to watch online reviews, social media comments, star ratings, and other sorts of third-party feedback a key functional component. A few customer feedback software tools also provide its business customers the power to reply to internal and external feedback (survey responses, online reviews, first-party feedback, etc.). Beyond data collection, customer feedback software also can offer analysis of knowledge from customer feedback. Often, this is often done through the utilization of customer experience analytics. This analytical technique brings customer feedback to life by enabling your business to attach the dots and find hidden trends and patterns from unstructured data and textual information. By doing so, teams are empowered to see the whole customer journey and supply a uniform customer experience. Customer Surveys and Feedback Collection A number of customer feedback systems in delhi are designed to capture customer feedback through survey creation and distribution. Some offer the power to sync survey requests with a business customer’s CRM (customer relationship management) application, in order that new customers are automatically and immediately contacted for the survey. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one among the foremost common survey methodologies utilized by customer feedback systems, but there's a growing number of systems that provide alternative methodologies, like capturing feedback through the utilization of emojis, thumb ratings, and star ratings.

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Bourdaries of our product is too wide, from employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction.

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A happy employee will keep your customer happy and Satisfied customer will bring more customers ang grow your businss.

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We manufacture device specifically designed to match your business branding, So, ahead of your compititors.

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